MyMustReads is now Booksio

Why the change?

We're growing and expanding our mission! In addition to supporting indie bookstores, we've dedicated 10% of all sales to charity. We have an incredible new mobile app for reading ebooks and audiobooks, and now offer print books and magazines as well. Such a big change needed a new name, and we're proud to announce Booksio.

Where can I read my MyMustReads purchases?

All of your purchases have been transitioned to Booksio. Simply create an account on using the same email address you used on MyMustReads. Then, download the Booksio Reader App to find your books.

Where can I redeem my prepaid voucher code?

Your voucher code is also valid on! Just search for your book and add it to your cart -- make sure you choose the correct format, as we offer many more now. You can enter your voucher code in the Discount Code area of the cart. Reach out to with any problems, and we'll be happy to help.